Nature and Creativity Escapade. “Creating from one’s desires”
Organized by Assia Bakhti

Creative getaways are born from a desire to create moments of sharing in an exceptional place. During a weekend, I will guide you into taking the time to better feel your body and imagine things differently.

For whom? Halfway between a wellness retreat and a yoga retreat, creative getaways are aimed at those who wish to indulge in a break in nature to bring movement back to the body, create space, and free their mind.

On the agenda: activities for rejuvenation such as pottery, yoga; and coaching workshops to create your “Vision Board”.
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Anne invites you to spend 4 immersive days in the heart of nature to embrace the transition to summer. The Prana Vinyasa practices will be vibrant and dynamic in the morning, lunar and gentle in the evening, guiding you through an energetic exploration of the changing season. Anne will also introduce you to some Kundalini yoga tools for a holistic experience, from the body to the soul.

The delicious vegan meals will be provided by Foodista Therapy.

Anne Francin has been teaching yoga for over 8 years, both in Paris and more recently in the Landes region. She trained under Shiva Rea in Prana Vinyasa, a fluid and powerful yoga style that combines tradition with a creative exploration of movement and breath. Anne is also a doula and a prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher. Lastly, she shares the technology of Kundalini yoga, a self-transformation tool for both individuals and the world.

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june 19TH to june 23RD 2024

Kat Chareon is a certified Vinyasa teacher based in Paris. She has trained with teachers from around the globe and has over 1000h of training and many thousands of teaching hours under her belt. 
Her style is a mix of her training in Vinyasa and personal practice in Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar : an energy alignement based dynamic flow to music. She is also certified in yin yoga. 
Join Kat Chareonying (@katchareon
2 practices a day (vinyasa morning flow + evening restorative/yin or asana lab)
Brunch + dinner 
Double room accommodation (2 single beds) 
Naturopathy consultation and workshop, surf options.



MAY 31st TO JUNE 5TH 2023

A true journey towards self-discovery of the body and mind, led by Aurore, Dominique, and Pema.

Reveal your energies through this inner voyage. Take time for yourself, just before the summer, to define and anchor your intentions. Five days filled with invigorating physical activities, moments of reflection, and meaningful conversations, all within a unique setting. Balanced nutrition will accompany your well-being throughout the stay. This retreat allows you to dedicate time to discover your own resources and strengths.

Pema Aglossi will guide you in a personal practice of Yoga/Pilates and meditation, connecting body and mind. He shares his exceptional energy through inspiring and soothing teachings that adapt to practitioners of all levels.

For the past decade, Pema has been practicing and teaching a blend of Yoga and Pilates. His passion for sports dates back to his early years, where he engaged in intensive tennis and martial arts training. His teaching style is playful, attentive, and caters to all levels of practitioners.

Always in pursuit of a practice that combines flexibility, balance, and muscular strength, he continually enriches his training. During a retreat in an Ashram in India, he realized the importance of uniting the body and mind through a Yoga of Life. He has been trained in various Yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Yin, and Iyengar.

Proper nourishment, meditation, daily Yoga practice, and spreading kindness are the pillars of his approach.

For more information and bookings, please contact: Aurore Saporta – 06 10 05 41 34 Dominique Reverdin – 06 03 32 62 29 Email: yokubotherapie@gmail.com Instagram: @yokubotherapie

MAY 26TH TO MAY 29TH 2023

Laura Merit accompanies you for a 4-day retreat at the Ermitage. Born in Bordeaux, she has been teaching yoga for more than 4 years. She trained in Hatha & Vinyasa in Montreal, at the Yoga Sangha.

Retreats are to her ( in the words of one of her teachers, Flora) an opportunity to get out of the routine, to give yourself a break, to expand the time for practice exploration, and connect more intimately to your inner space but also to others. In the morning we will practice a dynamic/postural yoga and a gentler yin yoga, introduction to Thai massage, chanting in the late afternoon/evening.

Meals are concocted by Angèle, a vegetarian chef from Bordeaux, who has accompanied Laura on her retreats for a year. You will also enjoy  some free time to explore the valleys of the Basque countryside, relax by the pool,…

Contact:  l.merit@hotmail.fr

stage anouk corolleur er severine hermary-l'ermitage



Anouk Corolleur and Séverine Hermary invite you on a voyage of self-discovery through the tools of shamanism and the practice of yoga.

A 4-day, 3-night retreat to lighten your inner self and unleash the best version of yourself: a radiant, happy, and peaceful being.

We will work with the “medicine wheel,” a mandala that represents the four cardinal points, with each direction associated with a major theme.

Through drum journeys, dance and chant exercises, breathwork, and shamanic rituals, you will reconnect with dormant or buried parts of yourself.

Each direction is also associated with a celestial body, a season, a plant, an animal, etc.

You will delve deeper into this fascinating tool during the course of the retreat.

The medicine wheel is also known as the “sacred circle” or the “great spiral” and is used by many Native American tribes.

Morning and evening yoga classes weave together Kundalini, Hatha, and Yin yoga to accompany our grand adventure.

The practice room is heated and air-conditioned. Bright and welcoming, you will find beautiful mats, bolsters, and blankets. A gong and a speaker are available for your use.

The massage room is equipped with a large, comfortable table, a massage chair, and a consultation desk. You can also try out the oils and skincare creams produced in the region, which are particularly interesting.

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