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A Reception Venue for Your Professional or Private Events

Are you looking to organize a professional event (seminar, conference, team-building activity, cocktail reception…) or a private event (wedding, birthday, baptism…) in an intimate setting?

The Domaine de l’Ermitage has been designed as a luxury event venue, with its Club Space conceived as a reception hall.


Bathed in light, this 95 m² room has been completely restored, featuring exposed beams, high ceilings, and stone walls. It’s impossible not to succumb to the charm of this stunning reception hall!

With its cozy ambiance, the Bar has been designed in the style of an English Club. Soft lighting, wood paneling, and comfortable leather armchairs create an inviting space for hosting your friends, guests, or participants.

It’s within this cozy space that you’ll find equestrian competition trophies and other mementos belonging to Agathe and François. These items add character to the room and tell their story of shared passion for horses.


Whether you’re planning a private or professional event, we have designed this reception room that you can rent on demand.

Are you looking to host a special evening during your stay with family or friends, but the weather isn’t conducive to enjoying the terrace? This large room offers you the opportunity to gather at the bar or dance the night away.

It’s perfect for themed parties, as a playroom for your children, or as a hangout spot for your teenagers.

Designed to host weddings, this large room transforms into a reception hall (with a capacity of up to 50 people). It’s in this magnificent room that you can organize your indoor dinner or dance party.

Ideal for intimate events!

Equipment at your disposal includes: optimal internet connection, a projector, large screen, microphone, speakers, tables, and chairs.

For receptions with up to 120 people, there’s the possibility of setting up the riding arena with large tents. For any information regarding weddings, you can contact Esther at +337 456 771 41.

Designed as a spacious seminar hall, this area can transform into a large meeting room to accommodate your professional events. This is where you can organize your work sessions or training workshops.

Perfect for your retreat-style seminars!

Equipment at your disposal includes: optimal internet connection, a projector, large screen, microphone, speakers, tables, and chairs.

“Inspired by a shala, this room offers a comfortable setting for hosting your yoga classes or any other workshops you prefer, such as meditation, pilates, dance, therapy, personal development, and more.

Ideal for your indoor practice!

We provide equipment, including yoga mats, straps, bolsters, blankets, a gong, and speakers.”

Featuring ample natural lighting, our venue provides an ideal canvas for photographers and videographers alike. The spacious layout accommodates a variety of setups, allowing for versatility in your shootings.

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