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5 stars villa with pool and amazing view for your vacation with family and friends

Are you looking for an authentic vacation villa in the heart of the Basque hinterland to enjoy with family or friends? Do you dream of renting a picturesque house in the Basque countryside for your summer or winter holidays? Are you planning to gather with friends or loved ones in an exceptional setting?

Look no further! We have the perfect villa that fulfills all your desires. Nestled in the stunning Basque hinterland, our villa offers a truly authentic experience for you and your loved ones. Whether it’s a summer getaway or a winter retreat, this dreamy house is ready to cater to all your needs.

Gather with friends or family in this exceptional setting, where tranquility, natural beauty, and warm hospitality come together to create unforgettable memories. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the serenity of the countryside.

Book your stay at l’Ermitage and savor the delights of the Basque hinterland. Embrace the charm of this unique destination and create cherished moments with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.l


Discover our enchanting retreat, a charming house nestled in the heart of nature with a picturesque river flowing nearby.

Located in the breathtaking Basque Country, this delightful abode offers a truly immersive and tranquil experience amidst stunning natural beauty.

Indulge in the soothing sounds of the flowing river and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings.

L’Ermitage provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing you to reconnect with nature and find peace in its embrace.

Whether you’re seeking a place to gather your family , a family vacation, or a retreat with friends, this idyllic location offers a memorable experience for all.


The house features 7 spacious double bedrooms, comfortably accommodating up to 14 guests. To provide you with the utmost comfort during your stay, the rooms have been designed as luxurious suites, with the option to arrange them with twin beds if desired. Six of the bedrooms boast en-suite bathrooms for added convenience, while separate toilets preserve the privacy of each guest.

The bedding is of the highest quality, reminiscent of luxury villas and 5-star establishments. From the ground-floor bedrooms, you have direct access to the wooden outdoor terrace, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding plains.

Each room is thoughtfully curated to harmonize with nature and adorned with tasteful decor. Noble materials and meticulous attention to detail enhance the ambiance, creating a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. A desk and ample storage spaces are provided to make you feel right at home.

And if you fall in love with any of the carefully selected decorations, you can find some of them available in the Ermitage boutique, allowing you to take a piece of this enchanting experience with you.

It has been designed as a second living space, seamlessly extending from the house. From the wooden loungers, the panoramic view is breathtaking, leaving you speechless.

The pool overlooks the surrounding Landes countryside. From May to September, you can enjoy swimming throughout the day. In the evening, you can admire the sunset from the jacuzzi.

Located close to the large dining table, this outdoor space is designed to facilitate meal preparation for your family or friends. Equipped with a plancha and a brasero, this area allows you to enjoy lunch and dinner outdoors, under the shade of trees, accompanied by the delightful melodies of singing birds.

Below the house, take advantage of the former horse riding quarry, transformed into a playground for your family or friends’ activities. Engage in games like badminton, table tennis, and football, or enjoy a friendly game of pétanque in the evenings. This space ensures endless fun and entertainment for all.

Our team strives to make your exceptional stay in the South-West as effortless as possible.

To ensure your family or friends’ vacation is unforgettable, we assist you in organizing a variety of creative and sports activities on-site (cooking classes, pottery workshops, horseback riding) or in the surrounding area from the Domaine (biking, cross-country scootering, electric skateboarding).

Indulge in relaxation with our massage and spa services, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate during your stay. With a range of activities and pampering options at your disposal, your time at Domaine L’Ermitage promises to be an extraordinary experience, tailored to meet your every desire.


” These are my comments after spending 17 days in the Ermitage in July 2023:

Some background here, I am a dual French-American citizen living in the US with some family from all around the world (Australia and South Africa). Our gathering happens once every 3 years and I want the experience to be memorable. Basically, I want the best that France has to offer!
The house was occupied by 3 generations with 12 to 18 people at the time. We used 7 of the available bedrooms and the studio where the teenagers slept (4 of them).
The feeling about the accommodations was:“a state of awe”.

The following are my comments that the cottage’s website cannot illustrate properly:
The silence.
We cannot hear any cars’ noise from the house but we can see some cars’ headlights at night 1.5 miles away. How relaxing to hear the delicate sound of nature. From time to time, you can hear a horse clopping by the cottage (there is an active stable nearby). For those who love nature, the environment is totally enchanting.

The bedding.
The firmness of a bed or for that matter, the lack of it, has already ruined my back and by extension my vacation; so when I made the reservation 6 months ago, I requested a wood plank to be inserted between the bedspring and the mattress. Guess what happened! Our hosts fulfilled my request free of charge (it is not easy to move a 4 sqm piece of wood in an old house). I felt bad as the mattress where the most comfortable I have ever tried and it appeared that the plank was totally unnecessary. The bed linen matched the Ermitage philosophy, light and comfortable. Who wants to sleep on some linen gauze sheets? I am telling you; the quality of anything inside this house are insane and the accommodation is so well thought out that you will question your own home… Total madness!!!

The kitchen.
It is not a kitchen, it is a “super” kitchen (2 refrigerators, 2 dishwashers, and too many utensils to name including a beloved beer tap machine). I asked every user what else could be added and aside from an arguable “ice cream maker” no one could fault it. So if you like cooking, this is your heaven!…

I just had an incredible experience at the Ermitage as that house became a gift that could not stop giving (I did not mention the beach volley / soccer field and the boules pitch that were added after I made the reservation). You want to play at night? Guess what, they did install some lights!!!! The risk you take vacationing there is that you feel so comfortable you may not be willing to leave and visit the gorgeous countryside.

A special mention to our hosts, Catherine and Agathe, who were adamant to make our stay as wonderful as possible (any requests were fulfilled in no time and I had some crazy ones!!!).
I have to reckon the amount of work that they put into that cottage renovation. The interior decoration is thoughtful and well done. I know I have high standards but I may have met my competition! What a pleasure….

Last but not least, the little shop that they have curated contains some gems not to avoid (try the Peita anchovies to die for!).
To those guests that will enjoy this accommodation, hats off and congratulation.
To Catherine and Agathe: BRAVO…. c’etait Formidable…….”

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We couldn’t have been more delighted with our stay at Agate’s beautiful cottage. It’s located in picturesque countryside, yet close enough to the local town and easily accessible to the beach.

The house and the grounds are stunning. The amenities are incredible (the kitchen is the best-equipped I’ve ever used): petanque court, large swimming pool and jacuzzi, badminton, ping pong (the kids were never bored).

The house itself is tastefully decorated, without feeling overly staged. The bedrooms and bathrooms are both elegant and extremely comfortable. The main living areas, including the very spacious kitchen/dining room, are absolutely gorgeous and very welcoming. The outdoor barbecues and kitchen made our evening meals an absolute pleasure.

Both Agate and François were very charming, friendly, and informative. We loved their shop on the side of the house – full of amazing local products, wines, and delightful curiosities.

Our family and fellow travelers couldn’t have been happier and will cherish our stay forever.

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