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Wellness retreats

The perfect destination for wellness retreats organizers

Are you a yoga teacher or a practitioner of natural healing looking for an authentic and eco-responsible place with a sustainable tourism label to organize your retreats?

If you’re seeking an exceptional location to welcome a group for a retreat and provide a truly immersive experience, l’Ermitage is the perfect peaceful refuge open all year round. With top-of-the-range services, it offers a real moment of escape.

Whether you are a certified travel agency, a sports coach, a yoga or pilates teacher, l’Ermitage provides a serene and eco-friendly environment for your retreats, aligned with sustainable tourism principles.

An additional room is provided for organizers with 2 single beds. Sleeping arrangements can also be made available for your caterer or chef.


Our retreat center can accommodating up to 14 guests. An additional bedroom can accomodate two teachers .

The meticulously crafted living spaces exude an ambiance of both spaciousness and coziness, rendering them perfectly suited for hosting groups.

Immerse yourself in moments of culinary delights and camaraderie within our capacious kitchen and dining area. This meticulously designed space serves as the heart of our retreat center, ensuring a delightful experience for all. In order to create an environment that optimizes functionality and ease of use, we sought the guidance and expertise of esteemed chefs.

Whether you’re engaged in the art of cooking or relishing in the pleasure of communal dining, our thoughtfully appointed space invites the spirit of togetherness.

The kitchen is perfect for enjoying a brunch after yoga practice in a warm atmosphere. We organize for you the presence of a Chef to prepare your meals according to your wishes.
You will enjoy the super confortable sofas, and chill by the fire place, play board games or simply relax.

We provide 7 rooms with king size beds that can be converted into twin beds. 


An unparalleled space that sets itself apart from the rest.

This exceptional room is meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of practices and workshops, including yoga, meditation, pilates, dance, therapy, personal development, and more.

Spanning an expansive 95 m², this room has undergone meticulous restoration, preserving its original charm with exposed beams and stone walls. Bathed in natural light, it exudes an ambiance that is both captivating and serene.
It is fully equipped, ensuring all the necessary amenities and provisions for your yoga classes are readily available.


Seamlessly connecting the interior with the exterior, our retreat center offers a remarkable feature: direct access to a meticulously designed terrace. Regardless of the room you occupy, the terrace awaits, inviting you to revel in its splendor and relish the captivating panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

The terrace, meticulously designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, provides a serene and spacious environment for your yoga practice. Its tranquil ambiance and breathtaking panorama serve as the perfect backdrop, enhancing your connection with nature and fostering a sense of harmony.

Indulge in the enchantment of a space reminiscent of woodland gatherings, as if plucked from the depths of a magical forest.

For your opening circles or evening gatherings, we have crafted a special area, adorned with rustic wooden trunks transformed into cozy seating arrangements.

This unique space awaits you under the sparkling canopy of stars, inviting you to gather around a crackling campfire, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure the seamless organization of your stay.
We understand the importance of creating a truly immersive and enriching experience, which is why we collaborate with a diverse range of professionals in the region.
Indulge in the culinary delights of our home chef services, tailored to your preferences.

Immerse yourself in the healing touch of our experienced massage therapists and natural medicine practitioners, who offer their expertise to nurture your well-being during your retreat.

Expand your knowledge and engage in captivating workshops that ignite your curiosity and creativity. Explore the world of culinary arts through cooking workshops, discover the power of medicinal plants, unleash your artistic side in pottery sessions, or learn the secrets of crafting your own natural cosmetics.

In addition to these enriching experiences, we offer an array of invigorating sports activities. Embark on an exhilarating horse riding adventure, exploring the scenic surroundings on horseback.

Alternatively, embrace the freedom of the open road with our cycling activities, allowing you to discover the beauty of the region at your own pace.

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